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Development Programs


(Water Sanitation Hygiene)

When SPAH joins with a new community, a clean water supply is the first priority. It gives people control of their lives and gives hope as it is a means for cleanliness, disease management and sanitation. It is also essential for domestic activities like cooking, washing and building.

SPAH plans water/ablutions projects that are easy for the local community to understand, install and maintain with very limited ongoing assistance. 

The systems are made with materials designed to withstand the harsh climate. This gives independence and empowerment back to the community, making the projects sustainable. For just $30 someone can access clean water for a lifetime.


Click here to provide the gift of water.

Women's & Community Health

The women in the SI are subjected to the environmental demands of the island lifestyle. Poor personal hygiene, low-economic status, limited education and cultural practices, can at times be both dis-empowering and result in concentration of the burden of disease/injury.

SPAH provides health education and resources to women; empowering them to improve their health outcomes, and additionally, empowering them to share this education with the wider community. $5 can provide resources to change a woman's life. 


Click here to contribute to community health.


'Bakua' is a colloquial term used in the Solomon Islands (SI) to describe Tinea Imbracata, which manifests itself on up to 20% of the population as chronic fungal skin lesions. Bakua is a socially isolating disease that can be fatal. The number one risk factor for Bakua is poor hygiene practices. In conjunction with 'WASH', South Pacific Allied Health (SPAH) delivers Terbinafine tablets, and soap, to those burdened by Bakua. A single treatment costs $5 AUD per person. For more information about Bakua please refer to the link below. 

Click here to rid someone of skin disease for life.

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