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Providing water and community health in the Solomon Islands. 

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My New Channel

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About us

SPAH is proud to declare that since 2011 we have affected the lives of thousands in the Solomon Islands in dozens of communities and in regions that have never received the kind of care we deliver.


We have demonstrated definitive results by eradicating illness and skin disease such as whole body tinea in the lives of over 6000 people through medical care, training and education.


Our support projects of water supply, sanitation & education, complement the communities’ goals of long term independence benefiting thousands. 


Our focus on care and relationships has established a Lifeline for a Lifetime...

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others"


-Winston Churchill


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PO Box 214

Ballan VIC 3342

M: 0410 045 751



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